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A bag of homemade plain duck, fried and fried

I've been thinking about the practice of plain duck for a long time. Maybe it's caused by habit. When I was a child, I was very happy to buy some plain duck with cold dishes on the street. I think it's delicious and satisfying. Until now, I buy cold dishes in the supermarket. If I don't buy plain duck, I'm not comfortable. This is based on the skills learned from the folk snack shops and shared with you.

1. Cut all the vegetables into shreds. Stir fry all the silky vegetables in the oil pan. Remove and let cool.

2. Take a part of the material and put it into a piece of tofu skin, wrap it into a flat shape and then tie it with thread (like zongzi thread), so as to avoid being out of shape when burning.

3. Put the beancurd skin in the frying pan and fry it yellow on both sides over medium heat. Add seasonings such as raw sauce, old sauce and sugar, and collect the juice. Cool it and put it in the refrigerator. Cut it into pieces and put it in the basin the next day.