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Steamed fish with double peppers and soy sauce

1. After the grass carp is well prepared, cut off the head and the back of the fish. Do not cut off the belly of the fish. Cut a knife about 1.5cm;

2. Put the fish head on the plate, surround the fish body, fold the fish pieces and spread them out,

3. Put salt on each fish, slice ginger, and put each piece in the middle of each fish; slice the scallion and the scallion,

4. Put it on each piece of fish, cut the pickled peppers and green peppers into small pieces;

5. Spread all the peppers on the fish, put some more peppers and ginger slices into the fish's mouth, marinate for half an hour;

6. Pour in steamed fish and soy sauce. After boiling, steam the fish. Steam over high heat for 15 minutes.