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Fried beef kebab with mushroom can be made without oven

1) Wash the mushrooms and put them into a boiling pot. Blanch and scald for 20 seconds. Drain the water and cool it. Squeeze the water off the mushroom surface.

2) Wash the beef and remove the white fascia. Wash the scallion and cut it into 4cm long sections. Tear the mushrooms into two halves by hand. Set aside.

3) Put minced garlic (5g), salt (2G) and sesame oil (5ml) in mushroom, mix well and set aside.

4) Mix beef slices with minced garlic (5g), salt (3G), sesame oil (5ml), sugar, soy sauce, black pepper, onion and mix well.

5) String the marinated beef, mushrooms and scallions in turn.

6) Heat the oil in the pot over high heat. When the oil is 70% hot, put the meat kebab in,

7) Change to medium and small heat and fry the beef slowly. Sprinkle shredded pepper and sesame on the scallion.