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Braised Tofu with minced meat

1. Slice the tofu (half cm thick and thin), chop the lean meat, chop the agaric and break the eggs. Mix the right amount of bean paste, a little soy sauce, vinegar and sugar into a container, and mix evenly for standby.

2. Wrap the bean curd evenly with egg liquid.

3. In the oil pan, when the oil temperature is 70% hot, put in the tofu slices wrapped with egg liquid, fry until both sides are golden, and then put them out for use.

4. In another oil pan, put the chopped lean meat into the skillet, turn the color of the minced meat white, and then put the shredded onion into the skillet.

5. Put in the prepared sauce and stir fry, then put in the shredded fungus and stir fry.

6. Put in the fried tofu slices, stir fry for a moment, sprinkle with a little salt or no salt (bean paste itself has a salty taste), sprinkle with coriander, and then out of the pot.

The beancurd smell of tofu is not everyone's favorite. How can we make tofu delicious? How can we make tofu like meat? In fact, it's very simple to make tofu with minced meat.