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The most healthy collocation of stir fried pork skin with agaric

Relatives in the north, the skin of this dish is not fresh. It's boiled in oil {that is, the skin is fried into a crispy shape}. When you soak it, you can soak it in cold water.

1. Hot pot of cold oil, add sliced meat, stir fry onion, ginger and garlic, add soy sauce, salt, pepper powder, cooking wine, and a little sugar.

2. Stir fry black fungus for 1 minute, add a small half bowl of water, and then add the meat skin. If you stir fry the meat skin directly, it will return to its original appearance and it will not have the original taste. So make sure you add water to the skin first.

3. When there is 1 / 3 of the water left in the pan, stir fry the green and red peppers for 2 minutes. If the peppers are soft, they will not taste good. Add flavoring essence and then add water starch powder to thicken the sauce (water starch powder can be added to thicken the sauce) and then add some sesame oil and clear oil (that is, cooked oil, a little bit can be used, and then add some cooked oil to make the dish brighter) out of the pot.