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Tomato and egg make delicious dumplings

To be honest, I haven't tried to make tomato and egg dumplings before. In our traditional concept, there is no tomato and egg filling in dumplings. In fact, it needs skills to make tomato and egg dumplings well.

Tomato pre-treatment: peel, flesh (too much water), cut small Ding, control a water. Be careful not to cut too much.

1. Don't be too big. If you are afraid of too much water, you can gently mix the cut tomatoes with some dry starch. In addition, don't put too much oil in the scrambled eggs.

2. The main method of rolling skin is to use proper methods. Push the dough stick with one hand and rotate the dough agent with the other hand. The force should be even, and you will be skilled after a long time.

3. It's not necessary to knead for too long. The key is to wake up the dough, and then knead it until it's smooth.

4. The cooking process is the same, because the dumplings are cooked with stuffing first and then with skin, but don't let the dumplings in the pot for too long. When they are cooked, they should be fished out immediately, otherwise, they should be boiled.