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How to make steamed Taiji chicken with Cantonese food

The Cantonese steamed Taiji chicken is placed very carefully. The three colors of this dish, yellow and green constitute the Taiji pattern. It is exquisite and beautiful, soft and delicate in texture, and delicious and fragrant. It's steamed to taste.

1. Put 25g starch into a bowl and add water to make it into 50g wet starch for standby. Chop ham into powder;

2. Cut the chicken, mushroom and winter bamboo shoot into 3 cm thick thick thick thick thick thick thick thick thick thick thick thick silk, put them in a bowl, add sugar, rice wine, soy sauce (7G), monosodium glutamate (10g), pepper (g), wet starch (25g);

3. Break the duck egg, take the white (yolk) and beat it up, and mix it to make the paste;

4. Remove 10 small round dishes and wipe them with cooked lard;

5. Fill the mixture with the dish surface and trowel it;

6. Boil the yolk of duck egg, mash it into powder, put it into the right half of the mashed material, and make it into 's' shape;

7. Put the minced ham into the left half of the 's' shape respectively, and press 1 green bean kernel on the diagonal of the' s' formed by the minced egg yolk and ham respectively;

8. Steaming for 10 minutes on the top of the cage drawer, and then leaving the tray to dish into Taiji chicken;

9. Place the wok on a high fire, pour 150g chicken broth and boil it, mix in soy sauce (8G) and monosodium glutamate (5g), mix with wet starch (25F) to thin sauce, pour it on Taiji chicken, sprinkle with pepper (1g), and pour sesame oil on it.