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How is Penghao delicious in cold sauce? In summer, if you want to reduce blood pressure, you can eat

Cold dishes are the main star dishes in summer. No matter where you eat them, they are indispensable. Cold dishes are less complicated and greasy than oil fried dishes. In summer, they are simple and cool appetizers. How can Penghao be cold and delicious? In summer, you can eat them when you depressurize.

Introduction to the method of cold mixed Artemisia

1. Wash the tarragon, drain, cut into sections, put in some starch, mix well.

2. Steam for a few minutes, put enough sesame paste in, mix with hot water, and make sesame juice.

3. Mash some garlic, add some delicious and cold vinegar.

4. Take out the steamed tarragon and cool it

5. Add hemp juice, 5 garlic puree, salt and sesame oil.

6. Stir well, a delicious cold dish of Artemisia can be served!

Artemisia frigida is more suitable for people with high blood pressure. Summer is the season of high blood pressure. In addition to life care, diet is also very important. It is recommended to eat Artemisia frigida FRIGIDA more in summer.