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The practice of delicious cabbage

1. First, peel off the old leaves outside the cabbage and wash them with water, then break off the cabbage, cut it into pieces of appropriate size, sprinkle salt on it to stop the water and add the bottom flavor until the cabbage is pickled and collapsed.

2. Peel the garlic, cut the ginger, apple and onion into small pieces, put the apple and onion into the blender and mash them.

3. Finally, put the garlic and ginger into the blender and continue to stir. Mix the four ingredients and stir them into the mud, then reserve.

4. Marinate the cabbage in the water, then use your hands to clean the excess water, pour in the mashed garlic, and then put in the sugar.

5. Put MSG, chili powder and white rice vinegar in it and stir well, then marinate for a few minutes and serve on a plate.

One of the characteristics of this dish is: beautiful pink color, strong aroma of garlic, salty, sweet, slightly sour and spicy, crisp and delicious taste.

The way to make this dish is: pickle the cabbage with salt until the seedling is collapsed, and then mix the seasoning with the water after the pickling. If you don't have a blender, you can chop garlic, ginger, apple and onion, then put them into a bowl and mash them with one end of a rolling pin. When marinating, you can also put a proper amount of 'fish sauce' to taste better. If you don't have to put it, you can also put some light dried fish, which tastes good.