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Let's have dinner together with crayon Xiaoxin

Do you remember Meiya's mother in crayon Xiaoxin? A kind housewife prepares a delicious soup for her husband and children every day. Weizeng soup is a very popular soup in Japan with rich nutrition. For the office workers who often sit in front of the computer, it can not only prevent radiation, but also supplement the nutrition that monotonous diet lacks. For children, they can also supplement calcium, which is very suitable for family soup.

Main materials

1 large piece of tofu, 30g fresh kelp (dried kelp sprouts are also acceptable), 40g miso, 1 small piece of ginger, 1 small tbsp sugar and a little coriander

How to make miso soup

1. Cut tofu into pieces, wash and cut kelp, rub ginger into mud and set aside, wash coriander and cut into thin sections;

2. Put water 2000c. C. into the pot and boil, then add tofu and kelp;

3. Mix miso with cold boiled water 40C. C. for standby;

4. Boil the bean curd and kelp soup, then turn off the fire. Add ginger paste, sugar and miso, mix well, then add coriander.

Looking at the production process, it turns out that the delicious and nutritious weizeng soup is so simple that it is a necessary recipe for lazy people. Try to do it for your family at night!