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Korean kimchi has the Korean flavor of Confucian culture

1. Prepare the ingredients; wash the apples and pears before peeling

2. Shred the pear and put it in the basin. Cut the apple into pieces and put it into the blender together with the shrimps. If you can't stir it, you can add a little water

3. Pour the apple and shrimp paste into the basin

4. Add 30g fish sauce, 30g sugar and 70g Korean chili sauce

Mix 5.40 grams of Korean chili powder and 1 small handful of green onion

6. Divide the cabbage into four parts; rinse it thoroughly

7. Add 100g salt to a large pickle glass bottle, fill with water and marinate for 5 to 12 hours

8. Take the cabbage out of the bottle and rinse it again to remove the excess salt

9. Dry the cabbage

10. Spread the sauce on the cabbage, put it into the container washed with boiling water, and fill the whole container

11. Close the lid. It's summer. Let it ferment at room temperature for 12 hours. Taste the pickle with a little acid and a lot of bubbles produced by fermentation. Refrigerate for 3-5 days