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Seaweed sushi makes the most romantic color in summer

1. Prepare raw materials;

2. The blood coral grass sends with the blister 8-10 hours in advance, changes the water once in the middle;

3. Dry the steamed rice until it is not hot. Mix about 640g rice with about 40ml sushi vinegar;

4. Add a small amount of salt, vinegar and sesame oil to the soaked blood coral grass and mix well. Blanch and scald the broccoli and carrot in advance. Cut the flower bud and cut it into pieces after blanching;

5. Outer roll: first lay a half of seaweed, a layer of rice, the whole rice covered with seaweed, then lay a layer of plastic film, then carry the plastic film and seaweed upside down, let the plastic film under, seaweed on top;

6. Put carrot strips, cucumber strips, and blood coral grass into it, and pull the sushi curtain and plastic wrap forward at the same time. Do not roll them in together;

7. Rolled sushi;

8. Chop up the blood coral grass or spread the chopped broccoli on a large plate, put on the rolled sushi and roll it around;

9. Inside roll: spread a layer of rice on the seaweed, add carrot and cucumber, and roll up the broccoli and blood coral grass. Eat with sushi sauce and horseradish.

There are three key points to be made:

1. Rice should not be too soft. Generally, the ratio of rice and water is 1:1. It can also be adjusted according to the situation, but try not to steam too soft.

2. Roll Sushi as tightly as possible, so that the filling is not easy to fall out when cutting.

3. When cutting sushi, it's best to use a serrated knife. Every time the knife is cut, it needs to be flushed with hot water. When cutting, it must be sawed and cut like wood, so that the sushi will not be deformed. (if there is no saw blade, hot water will be flushed every time and the appearance will be better if it is sliced down at the same time. )