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Exotic Russian borscht

1. The amount of butter prepared by the material is relatively large. (half of the butter in the figure is used to make cream sauce, and half is used to stir fry vegetables.)

2. Cut tomato, carrot, potato and onion into large pieces respectively

3. Cut 1 jin of beef into small cubes (the amount of beef must be enough to make a good soup)

4. Boil warm water in the pot and put the beef into the pot

5. Cook until the end of foaming, then turn off the fire

6. Remove the beef and wash it with water

7. Clean the pot, turn on the small fire, and melt a piece of butter slowly in the pot

8. Put carrots, potatoes and onion into the stir fry. Do not fry for too long. Put them out for standby

9. Pour in half pot of water, put in the beef cubes, boil over high heat, turn to low heat and cook for another 30 minutes

10.30 minutes later, put in the vegetables (except tomato) and cook for 30 minutes

11. Finally add the tomato. Continue to cook until the beef and vegetables are soft and rotten. Add the ketchup, salt, chicken essence and 1 teaspoon white sugar (because tomato is added, a little sugar here can be integrated)

12. Add the cream sauce prepared in advance, and boil the soup until it is thick. (if there is no cream sauce, you can also directly add fresh milk and cream)