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Love to eat oil and vinegar sauce and learn to make authentic oil and vinegar sauce

It's said that this authentic oil and vinegar Italian version is the most authentic. It's easy to use olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and black pepper. This is the most basic, other flavors can be added on this basis, to give you a demonstration.


1. Wash all the vegetables. Break the lettuce into small pieces and place them on the bottom of the plate. Cut the cabbage into two colors and put them on the lettuce. Cut the tomatoes in half and put them around.

2. Slice the scallops and fry until golden on both sides, then cut into small grains, and cut into small pieces with walnuts. Sprinkle them on the salad surface.

3. Mix three parts of olive oil + one part of vinegar + salt + ground black pepper and pour into the salad.