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Homemade Japanese ice cream with a big appetite

Today, I'm sharing a Japanese dessert. The food has no national boundaries. This dessert really makes people think about what you want to eat from outside. Let's see how it's made.


1. Beat egg yolk with 100g white granulated sugar evenly, add milk to mix evenly and pour into the pot, heat with a small fire, stir continuously during the heating process until it is thick (do not boil, just boil, not use a big fire).

2. Add the boiled egg milk liquid into the tea powder and mix evenly. Beat the fresh milk oil with ice until it is twice as large.

3. Mix the egg milk with the ice cream, put it into the refrigerator and freeze it. Stir it every hour or so until it is completely frozen. It will take about 5 or 6 hours.

4. Add water to the red bean and soak it in the refrigerator overnight. Pour out the soaked water and add about three times the water that covers the red bean.

5. Boil over high heat until boiling, continue to boil for 40-60 minutes until the red beans are soft and rotten, turn off the heat, drain the extra water in the pot, add in the sugar, boil out the sugar water, and then continue to stir fry until the water is dry.

6. Put in a spoon of salt, stir evenly to neutralize the sweetness, and continue to stir until the bottom of the pot is dry.

7. Mix the glutinous rice flour with clear water, knead the glutinous rice dough into balls of uniform size, put the water in the pot into the balls after boiling, and then boil them.