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If you want the toast that has expired and hardened, don't worry about teaching you a delicious Fren

Friends from a natural cooking Xiaobai to today's roaster belong to a successful evolution. They are passionate about baking every day. Unfortunately, our stomachs are suffering from delicious food every day. If you don't eat it, you can eat it. The waistline is gradually rising. Today's fruit pudding is her new invention, which is made of hardened toast The feeling is totally different, just completed me and asked for this method to share with you.


1. Beat the egg, yolk, sugar and salt into a bowl. Then add the milk and vanilla essence, stir well, and mix them into egg milk juice.

2. Dice the toast and put it into the baking bowl. Pour the mixed egg milk juice into the baking bowl and leave for 10 minutes. Let the toast absorb the egg milk juice thoroughly.

3. Sprinkle honey and almond on the surface of the toast. Preheat the oven, put the baking bowl in the oven up and down 160 degrees, bake for about 25 minutes.