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Thai style steamed fish with lemon

For the novice, steamed fish is perfect. The skills of steamed fish are simple, and there is no other stress. Besides, you don't need to break the fish into eight pieces like braised fish. This Thai flavor uses the famous Thai sweet and spicy sauce, which can be used by both children and the elderly without any influence. A 500g perch can be steamed for five minutes, and the meat quality will get old if it's too long, Affect the taste.

Steamed fish with Thai lemon

1. After the preserved fish is cleaned, put on white pepper, cooking wine and fish sauce, marinate for 5 minutes. A few strokes on the fish can effectively reduce the steaming time and make the steamed fish more fresh and tender.

2. After washing the lemon, cut it into even slices, decorate the slices of lemon on the edge of the steamed fish plate, put the cured fish on the lemon, and put a few slices of lemon on the fish.

3. Mix salt, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, scallion and Thai sweet and spicy sauce into a bowl of steamed fish sauce.

4. Pour 1 / 2 of the prepared sauce onto the lemon fish, put it into the steamer or steamer, steam for 5 minutes, steam the fish, pour over the remaining 1 / 2 of the sauce, and finally pour over the hot oil.