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How to stir fry the fresh shellfish

How to eat and how to fry fresh shellfish is the most frequently asked question I heard in the shortest time. Fresh shellfish is a good thing. Its ability to reduce cholesterol is much higher than that of drugs, but it is often a small problem not to eat. At ordinary times, you can use it to cook porridge or noodles, especially to reflect the fresh taste of fresh shellfish. Today, I want to share a delicious Italian style of fresh shellfish. However, it should be noted that the gonads (red part) of scallops are easy to cause paralytic shellfish poisoning, and people with allergic constitution should be careful.


1. Remove the shellfish from the shell, remove the internal organs, clean them, and put them on the cutting board to divide the closed shell muscle into two parts.

2. Remove the tender leaves without changing, wash them and cut them into pieces, then heat them up and put in a little butter.

3. After the butter melts, turn down the heat, fry the shellfish in the pan. When the surface of the ingredients is slightly compressed, turn it over and fry again, and put in a little gold.

4. Grind in the black pepper, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the pot, turn off the fire, take it out later and put it on the plate.