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Sweet swiss roll is soft, sweet, delicious and not boring

1. Take the grape juice, salad oil and 20g sugar and mix them evenly until the oil and water are dissolved and the sugar is completely dissolved

2. Sift in 90g low powder, add egg yolk, mix well and make egg yolk paste

3. Add 60g sugar to the protein in three times, beat until it is neutral and foamed, and mix well this is the protein paste

4. Mix the albumen paste and the yolk paste evenly. First, take out 1 / 3 of the albumen paste and put it into the yolk paste, then mix it with the yolk paste,

5. Mix the remaining protein with the yolk paste evenly. Turn it over or cut it. Do not circle it to prevent defoaming

6. Pad the baking tray with oil paper, put it into the cake paste, drop it lightly, shake out big bubbles, and put it into the oven. 180 ° for 20 minutes

7. Spread strawberry jam on the baked cake, roll it and refrigerate it, then cut it into small rolls when eating

8. Put strawberry jam on the top of the cut cake roll, then sprinkle with coconut and put it on the plate.