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Curry pork chop rice perfect PK fast food restaurant

1. Wash the plum meat, cut it into 0.5cm thick slices, put it into a container, and pour in Daxi original barbecue sauce.

2. Stir well and marinate for 20-30 minutes.

3. After the meat slices are marinated, wrap a thin layer of dry flour, pick up the meat slices with chopsticks and shake off the surplus flour.

4. Dip the meat slices with flour into the egg liquid, then wrap them with bran.

5. Put it into a hot oil pan, fry it over medium heat, remove and cut into pieces.

6. Peel and dice potatoes; wash carrots and dice them; wash peas and set aside.

7. Heat the oil in the pot, saute the onion powder, stir in potato and carrot.

8. Pour in clear water, the amount of water overflowing the ingredients shall prevail, and turn to a small fire to boil after boiling.

9. Put in daxida gold curry, cook until potatoes and carrots are well done, the soup is thick, put in peas and cook,

10. Add some salt and chicken essence to taste, put the rice into the plate, pour curry on it, and then put the fried pork chop into the plate together.