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Sweet papaya peanut cheese


1. Put the raw peanuts into the food mixer after roasting or frying, add equal amount of water, stir and pour into the filter screen evenly to filter out the impurities,

Keep peanut milk for standby;

2. Soak the glutinous rice (half of the peanuts) in advance with water, put it into a blender and stir it with clear water to make glutinous rice paste, and then filter it for use;

3. Boil the sago in clear water until transparent, take it out and wash it with clear water for later use;

4. Add a little water to the pot (to prevent the bottom of the pot from being pasted when boiling the glutinous rice slurry), pour in the glutinous rice slurry, add peanut slurry when half cooked, and put it into the west after boiling

Rice, raisins, sugar, papaya can be.

Features: hot and cold, sweet and pleasant. In the afternoon, you can make this kind of nutritious porridge, which is not only for recreation but also for beauty.