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How to make chocolate at home

Some girls especially like to make chocolate at home. It's not only a delicacy, but also the mood. There are many kinds of chocolate. Do you want to make chocolate at home? How to make chocolate at home? Here are the steps to do it. Prepare the materials and do it together.

1. 1.5-3.0% (weight) alcohol and 0.5-5.0% (weight) soybean phospholipid were mixed into chocolate raw materials, and they were evenly distributed in chocolate raw materials by high-speed stirring.

2. Then, the injection molding curing was carried out. The alcohol used was water-containing alcohol, in which the alcohol content was more than 80% (volume). It was a new distillation product of brandy, wine, whisky, etc., or a mixture of alcohol and water.

Don't make too much chocolate in summer. It's easy to melt in high temperature in summer. If you make too much, put it in the refrigerator. Chocolate is delicious, don't eat too much, and it's easy to get fat.