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Easy 3 steps to lose your belly

Simple 3 steps, easy to lose small belly, but also you sexy charming belly. Nowadays, taking thin as beauty has become a fashion. Many mm are trying to shape their own skeleton body. In fact, the most beautiful body is to have your own sexy belly, let your flat belly help you express your own endless temptation. But how to make it? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

If you want to have a sexy figure, you must reduce the weight of the waist and abdomen, and the weight of this part is our biggest enemy. To annihilate this enemy, you must first adjust your living habits; secondly, you can see the obvious effect of lean abdomen more quickly, of course, or exercise!

Simple way to reduce the stomach: 1, take a supine position, legs bent knees. Rub the abdomen with both hands alternately.

2. Palm against the abdomen, along the clockwise direction, with the abdomen as the center of the circle, left and right alternating circle massage.

3. Start from the lower part of the chest to the lower abdomen, take the abdomen as the center, and rub the left and right hands alternately from top to bottom until the temperature of the abdomen obviously rises.