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How to do dumbbell weight loss exercise

How to exercise the dumbbell weight loss exercise? One of the most easily encountered problems in weight loss is: no fat, no muscle. The figure of "beauty of spareribs" is not only lack of line beauty, but also bad for health. A full body exercise program gives you a good figure.

Specific steps:

Stand upright, legs apart, shoulder width apart;

Lean the upper body forward at a 90 degree angle with the lower body, and bend the knee slightly;

Head slightly raised, right hand on the right knee, left hand holding a 2. 5-5kg dumbbells;

Inhale, slowly lift the dumbbell until the upper part of the arm is close to the side of the body, the same height as the shoulder, and stay for 5-10 seconds;

Exhale, hold the dumbbell, slowly lower the arm, repeat 15-25 times;

Then change hands and repeat.

Action tips:

Lower your body

Lower your weight, keep your feet as still as possible, and land your feet on the ground, imagining that you can pop them forward quickly at any time. Tuck in your belly and bend down. Don't use force at the waist. Try to relax. Otherwise, your lower back muscles will be very tense.

Clamp the arms

Whether bending or straightening, keep your arms close to your sides as if your arms are more than an inch apart from your body. For each action, focus on the movement of the arm.

Elbow in

When trying to lift the dumbbell, the elbow should stick to the side of the body as high as the back as possible; when putting down the dumbbell, the elbow should not be turned outward, and should always be kept in a state of tension, as if you are putting down a heavy and fragile object, which must be slowly, gently, and the direction should not have any deviation.