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How to do aerobics dance after the festival to get rid of greasy and build a small waist

How to do aerobics dance after the festival? Get rid of greasy and build a small waist! It's easy to get fat when eating greasy food in Spring Festival. How to do aerobics dance after the festival to get rid of greasy and restore a slim figure and rebuild a small waist? Let's have a look!

With a slim waist, you will get more attention when you wear a bare navel and low waist hot pants. But a more important reason to have slim waist is your health. People with a 35 inch or larger waist are more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes. Smart diet, aerobic exercise and the following abdominal tightening exercises can keep you away from this dangerous area.

These actions are mainly aimed at the fat on the side of your body. Do it 2 to 3 times a week, once a day apart.

Sitting knee down

Keep your spine straight, knees bent, sit on your sitting bones, feet flat on the ground, ankles together, and put your hands behind you for support.

Focus on your abdominal muscles and lower your legs to the left until they are about 6 feet off the ground, keeping your ankles together and your shoulders forward. Roll your feet, but never leave the ground. Hold for 1 second, then slowly pull your leg up with your abs, then turn to the right. Don't put your knees directly on the side of your body. Take control of your movements. This is done from one side for one minute.

Lateral pressure movement

Lie on the ground with your right side book, legs straight. Put your right forearm around your waist and your right hand on your left. Put your left hand behind your head and point your left elbow at the ceiling. A simple version: don't lift your legs, just lift your upper body.

Using your left diagonal deltoid (rather than your right arm), contract your abdomen and your left shoulder about 2 to 3 feet off the ground, while lifting your left leg about 12 feet, hold for 2 seconds, and slowly return to the original position.

At the beginning, do 5 to 8 times on the left and right sides of the body. Slowly increase to 12 to 15 per side of the body. Do one or two groups at a time, and rest for one minute between each group.