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How to practice dancing and slimming exercise after birth

How to practice dancing and weight-loss exercises after childbirth? Many young women love dancing and weight-loss exercises, especially after childbirth, female friends beautify their figure by practicing popular dance and dancing. Sihai net small make-up for you to introduce the dance weight-loss exercise which integrates the fitness exercise, helps you to sculpt the hip curve, easily has the sexy buttock!

Start to practice: every movement, you should keep your body straight, and pay attention to that you can practice every kind of slimming exercise only after you warm up.

East unbeaten hip

The utility model can make the buttocks become warped and straightened, and sculpture the lower body curve.

1. Put the left hand on the top of the head, with the right hand akimbo, push the buttocks to the left with force, and place the right foot on the ground.

2. Bend your elbows, land your right toes on the ground, and push your hips to the left.

3 then shake your hips to the left and right, and your hands follow. Repeat the above actions for about 8-12 times.

Young and vigorous buttocks

It can straighten the spine, strengthen the abdominal muscles and eliminate the fat on the inner thigh.

1. Keep your body straight, raise your hands above your head, straighten your left foot and draw a circle.

Then put down your left foot and land on your toes.

3 step on the ground with your left foot, move your right hip to the right, and tip your right toe up.

4 push the hips 2 times. Repeat the above actions for about 8-12 times.

Dark pearl buttocks

Function sculpture gluteus maximus and triceps lines.

1 push your hips to the right, lift your left hand and stop in front of your chest, and swing your right hand backward.

2 put down the left hand, return the buttock to the right, push the right buttock to the right again, and swing the right hand to the right with the buttock.

3 push the buttock to the left, lift the right hand to stop in front of the chest, swing the left hand backward, put the right hand down, put the buttock back to the right, push the left buttock to the left again, swing the left hand with the buttock to the left, repeat the above actions about 8-12 times.

Round sky makes buttock

It can eliminate the waist fat and firm the abdominal muscles.

1 raise the right foot with the palms of both hands up and put them above the right foot.

2 put down the right foot, move back, slightly bend the left foot, point to the ground, and put your hands on the top of your head.

Push your hips forward.

4. Move your hips back and push forward. Repeat the above actions for about 8-12 times.

Sexy and cocky

Function sculpture side waist curve.

1 bend your right foot and stand on tiptoe. Hips back, hands clenched, elbows bent.

2 lift your right foot, bend your knees, and drop your hands naturally.

3 put down your right foot, raise your hips back, and raise your hands slightly.

4 left hand clenches a fist to raise, right foot is forward, tiptoe, buttock is pushed forward forcefully, right hand pats buttock. Repeat the above actions for about 8-12 times.

Model experience

I usually have the habit of dancing. I practice this set of star slimming dance exercises. After nearly one month's practice, the fat on my hips disappears. No matter I wear jeans or mini skirts, the curve of my hips is very obvious!

Experts advise that we should do what we can

This set of slimming exercise is simple and easy to do. It will not hurt the muscles even if it is big. You can do your best to be tired and tighten the hip muscles effectively. After finishing exercises, you can apply emulsion or massage oil to your body and massage, so you can eliminate the redundant meat. In addition, this set of slimming exercise is suitable for anyone except pregnant women.