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How do lazy people use pillows to lose weight easily?

Pillows are a must for every one of us. This seemingly ordinary thing also plays a great role in weight loss. How do lazy people use pillows to lose weight easily? As long as they use pillows well, and then cooperate with different sports postures, they can simply shape the perfect posture! Now let's have a look.

First style: side waist extension

Method: sit with your legs together, hold both sides of the pillow with your hands, and lift them above your head. Inhale and stretch upward, exhale and bend to one side, keep breathing twice. Inhale to restore, exhale the other side to do the same action. Efficacy: stretch the muscles on both sides of the waist and relax the spine.

Second style: shoulder stretch

Method: kneel and hold the pillow with both hands at the back of the body. When inhale, raise your arms up and keep breathing twice. Exhale, twist the upper body to one side, and keep breathing twice. Inhale and return. Repeat on the opposite side. Efficacy: with the connection of pillow, the arms can be extended up to the extreme to fully release the tension in the scapular area. To achieve the role of instant relaxation of the brain.