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How to do aerobics to make you healthy and beautiful?

How to do aerobics to make you healthy and beautiful!

1. Aerobics can be divided into competitive aerobics and fitness aerobics. Competitive aerobics has good ornamental and difficulty, and has a great promotion effect on aerobics, but it is not suitable for mass fitness. There are many styles of aerobics, including general aerobics, jazz aerobics, pedal aerobics, fight aerobics, yoga aerobics and so on.

According to different ages, exercise purposes, holding equipment or not, exercise parts and so on, aerobics can be classified into different categories. According to the exercise age, it can be divided into children's body-building exercise, young people's body-building exercise, middle-aged and old-age body-building exercise; according to the purpose of exercise, it can be divided into rehabilitation aerobics, health-care aerobics, and aerobics; according to the exercise parts, it can be divided into the local fitness exercises such as neck, chest, waist, legs, arms, buttocks, etc

2. Aerobics in the surging trend of slimming. In the face of liposuction surgery, Chinese massage, sauna, people who want to lose weight are at a loss. In fact, for most people, healthy weight-loss is an important concept.

Exercise is a good way to keep fit. Some people will say that running, brisk walking, dancing and doing exercises are also aerobic exercises, but from the perspective of sports mechanics, their rhythm and strength are not enough for healthy weight loss

Aerobics exercisers are best to take part in about three times a week, and each exercise should be kept at more than 12 minutes, and it is a continuous exercise. The heart rate of the exerciser should be kept at 60% - 85% of the maximum heart rate.

The steps of aerobic aerobics include: 5-10 minutes of preparatory activity, 15-30 minutes of basic activity, 10-15 minutes of strength or cushion activity. C aerobic exercise is a kind of aerobic exercise, which is characterized by long activity time and moderate intensity, which can effectively control weight and improve the physical quality of various practitioners. It can not promote the body-building function of the four seasons.

Sports nutrition measures matched with aerobics are basically synchronized. However, because most of the places of aerobics are indoor, and in practice, they often want to achieve the goal of sweating in sports, so the loss of sweat is large, and vitamins and minerals will also be lost along with the sweat. If some dieters drink diuretic diet tea at the same time, the body fluid loss will increase through diuretic effect, which may cause electrolyte imbalance.

Light causes physical discomfort, functional decline, and even life-threatening in severe cases. Therefore, we should drink some sports drinks to keep the balance of body water and electrolyte. We should not drink diuretic weight loss tea in the process of exercise (before, during and after exercise). For the selection of sports drinks, see Chapter 10 sports drinks. In addition, the & middot; aerobics requires high strength. Therefore, we should increase the intake of protein in the diet to ensure that the body weight will not be lost while reducing fat.