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Women's aerobics make you sexy

Aerobics is a simple and easy to operate aerobics, adhere to practice not only can exercise the body, but also can practice a perfect body.

1、 Arch arm movement

1. Preparation posture: kneeling, head up, back straight.

2. Action: back arch, head down, contraction of abdominal muscles, hold the position for 5 seconds, restore. Repeat for 8 times. Exhale by mouth when contracting abdominal muscles and inhale through nose when reducing.

2、 Lateral flexion

1. Preparation position: sit cross legged, hands on the side of the body on the ground.

2. Action: slide the left hand to the left side, bend the upper body to the left side, lift the right arm up, then swing to the left side, repeatedly bend and swing to the left side for 4 times to restore. Change the right side to do 4 times, repeat twice, hip does not move when side bending, movement should be done slowly and rhythmically.

3、 Rowing

1. Preparation position: sitting position, legs bent apart, arms raised forward, palms down.

2. Action: stretch your hands forward with the upper body forward, stretch your head between your knees, and restore it. Do it once every 6 seconds, repeat for 24 times. When the waist and back are straight, draw in the abdomen, exhale when the upper body bends forward, and inhale when straightening.

4、 Leg movement

Lie on your back, with your left arm back and flat, your left leg straight, your right leg bent up, and your right arm on your side. Keep the back close to the ground, lift the left arm forward and lift the left leg backward. Try to make the two collide. Repeat 12 times. Then change the right arm and right leg for 12 times. The point is to keep your back straight and keep your abdomen tight.

5、 Torsion movement

Sitting posture, two arms naturally droop, left leg bent to the right; right leg bent knee raised, feet placed outside the left thigh, upper body turned to the right, left hand put right leg to keep up, right hand on the floor behind, eyes look at the right shoulder. Hold the position for 20 seconds, change direction and do the same action, repeat twice each time. Take a deep breath while turning.

6、 Abdominal movement

Lie on your back, with your legs separated and your waist not touching the ground. Lay your arms flat on your side. Tighten your abdominal muscles and make your spine stick to the ground. Hold the position for 6 seconds. Then relax and restore. Repeat for 12 times.

7、 Back lifting exercise

1. Preparation posture: supine, back to the ground, legs bent knee apart, arms lying on the side.

2. Action: adduct the abdominal muscles, slowly straighten up the waist until only the shoulder touches the ground, keep the back straight for 4 seconds, then slowly put down the waist to restore, repeat 12 times.

8、 Rotation

Lie on your back, bend your right leg, put your right foot on your left thigh, lay your arms flat on your side, palm down, swing your right knee to the left as far as possible, do it 8 times repeatedly. Then, put your left foot on your right thigh and swing your left knee to the right as far as possible. Repeat for 8 times and repeat for 2 times. When swinging the legs, the shoulders remain stationary and the positions of the hands remain unchanged.