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Office noon exercise to lose weight and relax

Office noon fitness action to lose weight and relax! Ol can do exercise during lunch break, which can not only lose weight and keep fit, but also relax and relieve the pressure of the morning. Beauty fitness is in the lunch break time. Don't waste every minute and second!

Wall squatting method:

Keep your feet together, keep your body centered, put your weight on the front soles of your feet, squat down completely, and then slowly get up.

In addition to a reasonable diet, moderate exercise is the best fitness method for office workers.

Action Essentials:

Keep your feet together, keep your body centered, focus on the soles of your front feet, including your chest and abdomen, relax your whole body, don't lean back or tilt your head, always keep your legs together, squat down completely and then get up slowly, so many times. 30 times as a group, the more the better.

Weight loss and bodybuilding exercise time should be more than 30 minutes.

Weight loss exercise can also squat many times a day. Of course, squatting exercise should also pay attention to step by step, and gradually increase the number in the future.

Adhere to exercise, beneficial to body and mind, weight loss, fitness and body beauty, oh, don't try it soon!