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What can you eat to alleviate ADHD

What is good for ADHD children to eat? What foods can alleviate ADHD? In recent years, it has been found that ADHD is related to the nutrients intake of children. If the diet of children can be adjusted properly, the symptoms can be relieved to a certain extent.

In medicine, ADHD is called "mild brain dysfunction". Children are often distracted, easy to do small movements, lack of patience and easy to make mistakes. Most of these children have poor academic performance. Because their mood changes quickly, it is difficult to control themselves, so they have a bad temper. They don't obey the discipline in school. They like to make pranks. Therefore, they often make parents and teachers worry a lot.

Medical scientists have found that foods with high salicylate content (such as tomatoes, apples, oranges, apricots, etc.), some food additives, such as pepper oil for seasoning, monosodium glutamate and some food pigments, are associated with ADHD in children. If the intake of the above food and additives is limited, nearly half of the children's ADHD will disappear. If these diets are restored, ADHD will reappear.

In addition, high sugar diet can also cause ADHD. High sugar diet can make catecholamine and other neurotransmitters secretion insufficient, thus causing hyperactivity. Children who like to eat candy are addicted to sugar. They are also impulsive, unstable, easy to lose their temper and sleep. Because of inattention and poor academic performance, these symptoms are similar to ADHD.

Eating food containing too much aluminum, such as fried dough sticks, fried bread, tableware with high lead content, and eating food with high lead content, such as popcorn, can also cause changes in brain neurobiochemistry, affect the changes in vision, memory, feeling, thinking, behavior, and so on, resulting in hyperactivity disorder.

Children with ADHD should be treated as soon as possible to find out the causes and adjust their diet.

Children with ADHD can eat more fish. Fish fat contains a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which play an important role in the development of brain cells. It can also improve brain function, memory and judgment.

In addition, children should also eat food rich in lecithin and B vitamins, usually give children to eat some lean meat, mushrooms, soy products and other lecithin rich food, to improve memory is also helpful. Therefore, eating egg yolk, bean products, fish head, etc., is also beneficial to ADHD children.

Should often eat rich protein food, such as eggs, milk, etc., they can make the body related amino acids increase, alleviate hyperactivity disorder.

In terms of trace elements, we should eat foods rich in iron and zinc, such as animal liver, animal blood, and some seafood (fish, shrimp, oysters, kelp, etc.). In order to balance the diet, you should also eat fresh vegetables and fruits every day.

Finally, scientists suggest that for children with ADHD caused by heredity, it is not appropriate to take salicylic acid drugs, nor to use more food containing salicylic acid, and to add less seasoning in food, which is more conducive to the healthy growth of children.

What can children with hyperactivity disorder eat more food to help children recover from hyperactivity disorder.