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Simple strategy of healthy skin care in summer

First of all, sunscreen is the most important. Don't think that you don't need to prevent it in winter or cloudy days. You should pay attention to it all the time.

Second, moisturizing is very important, even if you are oily skin, but also because of the imbalance of water and oil, moisturizing is also important.

Third, conditionally, apply moisturizing mask several times a month, if you insist.

Fourth, whitening care is also needed at night, not to say that there will be no ultraviolet rays or anything in the evening. The steps of whitening should not be sophisticated, but the texture should be light. Otherwise, the skin will be too burdened, which will backfire.

Fifth, eat more VC, ve Dongdong, fruit ah, this is very important, oral and external use to conditioning ah.

I wish the young girls whitening as soon as possible, let's go together!!