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How do you care for sensitive skin in early spring

How do you care for sensitive skin in early spring? The cutin of sensitive skin is fragile and has poor resistance. Some ultraviolet rays or drugs can make the skin abnormal. So take good care of sensitive skin and maintain it correctly!

Generally speaking, sensitive skin is characterized by the appearance of microvessels on the epidermis, which is easy to change with season, temperature and humidity, as well as the influence of ultraviolet and dust. Sensitive skin is prone to itching, swelling, eczema, peeling and other phenomena, and will respond sensitively to different cosmetics, spices, alcohol, pollen, cloth, pigment, fruit acid, etc, Some people even have adverse reactions to certain foods.

It can be said that sensitive skin is the worst of all skin types, but don't lose heart. Since the skin type can't be changed, we need some maintenance and care methods for sensitive skin.

1. When choosing skin care products, never use products combined with alcohol, spices and pigments.

2. When choosing cleanser or cleanser specially designed for sensitive skin, cleansing products with strong cleaning ability but low irritation are most suitable.

3. Clean the skin gently and gently. The cleaning time should not be too long. Finally, rinse it with warm water. Do not wash the skin with red blood with overheated or supercooled water.

4. Skin care products are neutral, mild and stable, which can strengthen the skin's resistance. Or choose moisturizing products with moderate pH, which has less stimulation to allergic skin.

5, weekly maintenance steps (12 times): heat preservation mask + deep nourishing mask.

For sensitive skin, the most important way to maintain and care your skin is to take good care of it in early spring. The plan of the year lies in spring!