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What are some beauty tips to make your skin shine in the new year

What are some beauty tips for your skin in the new year? New year's beauty and body care should have a new direction. In addition to sunscreen, eating healthy and maintaining posture, we should have good beauty maintenance habits! Super simple beauty recipe is dedicated to everyone. Let's have a look!

Maintain a smooth and clean face. What are some beauty tips to make your skin shine in the new year

Not all skin types are suitable for strong whitening prescriptions. You can try the two in one spot removing and wrinkle removing ingredients containing glycolic acid (a kind of fruit acid), which may be more gentle and effective. Applying this ingredient to your skin care can maintain its smoothness and delicacy.

SPF sunscreen every day

If sunscreen is a troublesome thing for you every day, it's better to concentrate it into your cosmetics or skin care products! Many BB creams combine cosmetics, moisturizing and more maintenance ingredients, such as vitamin C or E, which can be said to be your best choice. They not only have a moisturizing effect, but also contain UVA / UVB sunscreen ingredients to add points to your face.

Don't sleep with makeup

After a whole day of make-up, if you are tired and fall asleep after coming home, you don't wash your face and apply night cream. When you get up the next morning, you will find that your skin is very dark and dry, and blemishes and spots begin to appear on your face. Remember to put a bottle of makeup remover with high nourishing ingredients and no need to wash off on the bedside table, so that you can easily remove makeup without spending too much time and energy.

Spend less time and money on nail care

Hate every time you get nail polish, do you always get dirty and smell dislike in the air? In addition to going to the nail salon, try to use the latest popular nail wraps, which not only has fashionable and diverse styles and lasting effects, but also can avoid nail injury by chemicals, killing one stone! Another way to improve it is to use fast drying nail polish, so that it can make nails beautiful.

Last beautiful makeup

Sometimes the last mascara and lip balm will take all of your time. If you want to simply add a little sense of makeup, it is recommended that you can choose earth color and pink gloss makeup plate. When you have a complete set of tools around you, you can choose and match different colors according to your mood, so as to make your makeup more perfect and rich. Try to make sports more interesting

Sign up for a series of sports courses, especially sports that can open all your senses, such as yoga, Tai Chi and dance. Ballet, a very popular exercise that can burn extra calories, can not only strengthen your heart function, but also stretch and tighten your muscle lines.

Have a bright smile

If your sensitive teeth make you unable to do professional tooth whitening treatment, now the technology is more advanced. The latest optical whitening system can speed up the whitening treatment and reduce the uncomfortable feeling as long as you irradiate a light on the teeth. But if you want to spend less money to see a dentist, you can try a tooth whitening paste containing high whitening hydrogen peroxide. It's easy to whiten your teeth by yourself! Editor's recommendation: how to restore skin luster after the Spring Festival is very important

Salon hairdressing effect at home

Do you find it difficult to blow your hair in a professional salon? In the past, you always let the stylist take care of the steps of blowing and combing. Now there are many hairdressing products that not only let you simply dry your hair, but also successfully achieve the silky softness effect.

These good beauty habits let you have a beautiful and shining face in the new year. You might as well try it. The new year is a new weather!