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How to stay up late in the Spring Festival for emergency skin care

How to stay up late in Spring Festival? Spring Festival skin care tips! Spring Festival to visit relatives and friends, stay up late to watch the new year, stay up late after the skin is dull and lusterless how to do? Teach you the most comprehensive first aid methods for skin care after staying up late. How to stay up late in the Spring Festival for emergency skin care?

Dark circles, bags under the eyes and edema

Your eyes will reveal your fatigue first, so your eyes full of energy are the key to saving your image. Staying up late is the culprit of dark circles, which directly leads to the blood stasis of periocular veins and vessels, showing a bluish gray. Edema always seems to be inseparable from dark circles. Excessive work pressure, insufficient sleep, excessive drinking water before going to bed and other reasons lead to poor lymphatic circulation in the eyes, which makes the skin of the lower eyelid very thin, loose and swollen.

First aid plan

1. Apply a hot towel to the eyes and temples on both sides and remove it after about 5 minutes. The heat of the towel will promote local blood circulation here. Then apply it with a cold towel for 1 minute to shrink the pores, and then apply eye cream.

2. Put the spoon into the refrigerator for refrigeration, and gently stick it on the eyelid with a convex surface for about 30 seconds the next day. The unique cold feeling of metal will shrink the capillaries and alleviate the swelling.

3. Drinking a cup of black coffee in the morning can quickly drain excess water and eliminate edema in the face and eyes.

4. use a thin concealing pen with a makeup effect to instantly modify the dark circles.

5. The eye mask can quickly and intensively replenish water, eliminate fatigue, enhance skin elasticity, and reduce edema and dark circles. Tired skin can choose eye mask containing vitamin A and E.

Dull complexion

Sleeping late will slow down the blood flow and metabolism of the epidermis, so the horny dead skin on the skin surface will slowly accumulate and become thick, blocking pores. In addition to absorbing skin care products, it also makes it impossible to discharge metabolic wastes such as oil. Accordingly, the skin appears dull, yellow and loses its moving luster.

First aid plan

1. Use exfoliating products to clean up these stubborn horny dead skin. After that, promote blood circulation through facial massage and restore ruddy and good complexion.

2. if you want to attend an important meeting or PARTY immediately, you can use the foundation to modify your weariness. There are already many foundation designs that are designed to lose vitality and luster. Good foundation helps to mask the dark color on the face, so that the skin will shine brightly, and it will not be heavy. It will still keep the skin transparent.

3. if you are worried that the complexion is not bright enough, try frosting blush. It can create a more natural ruddy effect, just like a natural glow from the skin. However, when using cream blush, dosage is very important. Pay attention to using big paint to brush blush. The bigger the brush, the more uniform it is. It is not easy to make mistakes and quickly and naturally. The order must be after the liquid foundation, before making the powder.

Blackhead, acne, coarse pores

On the one hand, staying up late will accelerate the secretion of adrenal hormones, increase sebum secretion and block pores, which will not only cause excessive oil secretion, but also make the skin rough and dull, and the pores lose elasticity and become thicker and thicker. In addition, if the cleaning time is not enough, the skin will be more damaged, such as blackhead, acne or pigmentation. Research reports show that stress, stress and lack of sleep can worsen acne. Therefore, even in winter, acne is still prevalent.

First aid plan

1. No matter how tired you are, you should remember to remove your makeup well. It's best to separate your eyes and lips from your face. After removing your makeup, you can use facial cleanser for thorough cleaning.

2. after cleansing, you can take toner to control the secretion of facial fat, and make skin care products such as essence and cream easier to absorb. If you are oily skin, you can use some cream containing salicylic acid.

3. Although the weather is cold, in order to be beautiful, it is recommended to wash your face alternately with cold and warm water to help shrink pores. Go to the beauty salon for massage, especially after picking acne, the skin pores expand, be sure to use cold spray.

It's hard to avoid staying up late to revel during the Spring Festival, but after staying up late, we have to face all kinds of skin problems. What should we do? Teach you emergency skin care after staying up late. Try it!