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Work overtime and stay up late to take care of your skin. Staying up late is harmful to your skin he

Work overtime and stay up late to take care of your skin. Staying up late is harmful to your skin health! Now more and more people work overtime and sleep late. The high pressure of work and a variety of entertainment make people sleep less and less. Sleeping late is very harmful, which not only affects health but also beauty. How do people who sleep late protect their skin and reduce skin damage?

Disadvantages of going to bed late 1: easy water swelling melon face to steamed stuffed bun face

People who stay up late will slow down their metabolism, and waste and water in their bodies are easy to accumulate. If you eat too much salt or drink too much water at night, edema is a 'nightmare' that is difficult to escape.

Countermeasure 1: raise the pillow when sleeping

For the 'steamed stuffed bun face' after waking up, big S has made tough moves. One is to drink black coffee immediately after getting up; Second, soak your face in water full of ice. In fact, the simplest move is: put up the pillow when sleeping to avoid moisture accumulation in the face or eyes.

Countermeasure 2: do lymphatic massage after getting up

If you wake up in the morning and still swollen, you should use massage to help. Massage the eye socket with the ring finger before going to bed to help lymphatic circulation. Get up in the morning according to the stirring bamboo on the eyebrow, the clear light between the eyes, the pupil and bearing position in the fovea of the eye, and carry out in the way of exhalation, inhalation and release. For the face, press the cheek with the tip of your finger in conjunction with breathing, from the side of the earlobe to the side of the nasal cheekbone. It is also exhale, inhale and release, which is very simple but effective.

Disadvantages of sleeping late 2: his face is dark and small spots appear on his face

Sleeping late will make the skin unable to metabolize smoothly, and the old waste cutin will accumulate on the surface of the skin, so the skin will naturally have no luster. After staying up late for a long time, some people found that their cheekbones and current spots appeared! As the skin metabolism slows down, the pigment precipitation accumulated during the day cannot be discharged in time. Moreover, computer radiation and too strong light will also cause pigment generation.

Countermeasure 1: exfoliation and re massage

After washing your face in the morning, you can then exfoliate to make your skin clean. Then use face massage cream. Through massage techniques and effective ingredients, it can help the skin wake up and make the dark complexion bright again.

Countermeasure 2: also use sunscreen at night

If you often work overtime at night, you will stay in front of the computer for a long time, or the lighting of the environment is strong, the beauty of "less sleep faction" must add isolation or physical sunscreen to protect their skin, which must not be omitted.

Disadvantages of staying up late 3: it's hard to put on makeup, like the Sahara desert

My cheeks were so dry that I couldn't use powder. The whole makeup is floating on the face, waiting for a good foundation, and tired face does not 'eat' makeup.

Countermeasure 1: moisturize from the beginning of washing your face

It's best to wash your face with cold warm water, so that the oil that is already missing can be properly retained. The basic skin care should be moisturizing in the morning, and the foundation should also be moisturizing. If the cheeks and the eyes are really dry, mask and eye mask are the best first aid measures, and one will immediately increase the water content.

Countermeasure 2: latex and foundation 1: 1 mixed.

Professional makeup artists teach us a way to deal with the "card powder": mix the lotion and foundation with a ratio of 1 to 1, so that the humidity of the bottom makeup is enough. First brush with big wet foundation.

Disadvantages of staying up late 4: dark circles' sign of less sleep school '

Almost no 'less sleep faction' can avoid the problem of 'Panda eye', because lack of sleep is the culprit of dark circles under the eyes, which directly leads to the blood stasis of periocular veins and vessels, showing cyan gray.

Countermeasure 1: use eye mask correctly

Gel, essence eye film is generally used for eye cream, and it can also be applied more overnight before bedtime. Rich and nutritious eye mask is often used in front of eye cream.

Countermeasure 2: do simple eye massage exercises

There is a set of the most simple and effective eye massage exercises: rub the heat with four fingers, press the whole eyelid, press it from the inner corner of the eye to the temple, and then press the temple with the middle finger; Press it heavily and lift it gently every time.

People who sleep late should pay attention to skin maintenance! The latest skin care methods recommended by Xiaobian are specifically aimed at the harm brought to the skin by sleeping late. You might as well try it!