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How does canthus wrinkle go to skin care product massage and use

How does canthus wrinkle go? Massage with skin care products! How does canthus have wrinkles to do? How to get rid of eye wrinkles? What are the skin care products to reduce eye wrinkles? Recommend skin care products with massage to help you solve eye wrinkles!

The corner of the eye is the most prone to wrinkles, because the corner of the eye is the weakest part of the facial skin. There is no thick muscle and fat. Its subcutaneous is the eye bone. So the corner of the eye is the first 'injured' as long as people begin to age.

How did canthus have wrinkles to do? The most commonly used method to eliminate canthus wrinkles is to massage the canthus skin, supplemented by skin care products and nutrient solution, so that the canthus skin can absorb nutrients and make it look full and elastic, so that the canthus wrinkles disappear. At the same time, because the nutrient solution must be absorbed through the eye skin to play its role, but the temperature in winter is relatively low, and the speed of nutrient absorption by the epidermis is is slow, so friends need to warm the facial skin in advance, generally wash it with warm water, and then apply it with a slightly hot water soaked towel for five minutes. This is a common skin care method, simple and convenient.

How to do canthus skin massage? The specific steps are as follows:

1. After rubbing your hands together to get hot, close to your eyes. Gently press it up and down more than 10 times.

2. Keep your hands close to your eyes and move backward slowly. Be careful not to use too much force to avoid pulling the skin.

3. Open your fingers and gently press your eyes outward for about 10 times.

What products should be selected to cooperate with massage exercises? Xiaobian suggests that it is more natural, because it will not stimulate the facial skin. However, eye massage must be combined with the use of skin care products, such as eye cream can be, otherwise, light massage can not achieve what effect.

In addition, there are many folk experts. Their skin care products are not expensive but nutritious. Then they add a nutrition introduction tool. They only need more than ten minutes of massage to achieve super satisfactory results. Interested friends are not prevented from trying.

Have you learned these methods recommended by Xiaobian? Don't worry about wrinkles at the corners of your eyes. As long as you take proper care, it's not difficult to get rid of wrinkles at the corners of your eyes!