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What are the beauty effects of beer

Beer beauty 3 tips to teach you what the beauty of beer! Beer is rich in nutrients, which are easy to dissolve and absorb. Therefore, beer is still a good beauty and skin care product. It is recommended to take a look at the beauty effect of beer.

Beer beauty usage 1. Face washing

Time: early morning

Methods: a small glass of beer mixed with water to wash the face, and then self massage with both hands until the face is slightly red.

Efficacy: the enzyme of beer is very beneficial to the skin, which can make the skin lustrous, lustrous and elastic. Don't think that after you wash your face with beer, you'll smell like wine and be mistaken for mouth wine. In fact, don't worry. After washing your face with beer, pat your face with ordinary makeup water or toner. Then apply the usual face cream, and the faint beer flavor is gone.

Tips: the effect of beer is to make the skin lustrous and elastic. For deep cleaning, there are other facial cleansers!

Beer beauty usage II. Body protection

Time: evening

Methods: beer and hot water were mixed into the bathtub at the ratio of 1:2 and soaked for 20 minutes.

Efficacy: beer brewed from natural malt, hops and live yeast can help to relax muscles, calm mood and beautify. Under the action of beer steam, we will feel the pressure completely eliminated and the whole body unspeakably relaxed.

Tips: when choosing beer, the European mellow beer is the best choice. Because it doesn't contain carbonate.

Beer cosmetology three, mask

Time: evening

Method: pour the beer into a clean small bowl, immerse a cotton gauze in the beer for 3 minutes, then gently twist the gauze and spread it on the face for 30 minutes.

Efficacy: the alcohol in beer can promote blood circulation, nourish skin and promote metabolism. Snake seed in beer is a kind of cooling agent, which can prevent acne, tighten skin and reduce pores. Sticking to beer mask 1-2 times a week can reduce the pores on our faces and make our skin smooth and elastic day by day.

Tips: during the application process, the gauze can be repeatedly soaked in beer to keep the gauze moist. Use this prescription with caution for allergic skin. How to maintain the eyes in winter

Beer beauty 3 tips to teach you what the beauty of beer! women's beauty and skin care recommended beer beauty 3 tips, winter skin care is not blind!