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What love advice do you have for Gemini men and women this year

What love advice do you have for Gemini men and women in 2012? Gemini men and women in 2012 must listen to advice, not blind, Gemini you carefully read the following advice!

Gemini girl

Do you want to get stimulation? If so, instead of changing objects, why not look for different stimulation from a person's heart? In the past, you always wanted to have some cantaloupe flavor after eating strawberry flavor. Before this result, it's better to taste a candy carefully. Although life experience has increased, it has become more charming. If you think this subtle change is lovely and acceptable, you will find that your personality is more mature.

Gemini boys

The weakness is that we can't stand constant love. You are just like a child who can't stand boredom. Without stimulation, it's like being on the verge of death. As a result, he abandons his difficult relationship and moves on to the next relationship. But it was a waste of time. Even if you transform an object, a sense of fasting will still come. Under the vicious circle, Gemini will gradually split. Even so, still can't suppress the sense of boredom, always want better love experience.