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What kind of mother-in-law is most afraid of meeting in a daughter-in-law of the twelve constellatio

As the saying goes, a daughter-in-law becomes a mother-in-law for many years. Naturally, the mother-in-law can treat her daughter-in-law more harshly. Then, whether she is married or unmarried, she hopes to meet a kind mother-in-law and pray that she will never encounter a troublesome mother-in-law. In fact, not all mothers-in-law are difficult. Only when you meet a certain type of mother-in-law can you feel abused. What kind of mother-in-law is your nemesis? Take a look and prevent it. Be careful when you meet such a mother-in-law~

Aries' daughter-in-law

You should be very careful when Venus falls on your mother-in-law. However, the problem between Aquarius and Aries is not possessive. It may be that you are not used to the way Aries takes care of people, because Aries likes to take care of people in her own way. In fact, the mother-in-law of Aquarius doesn't care much unless she thinks you are her enemy, for example, you don't If you listen to her, or if you use the opposite way, she may tell you. But the personality of the two signs is very straight and cool. You can be a sister when you are good.

Taurus' daughter-in-law

Be careful to meet the sun, Venus falls on the Libra's mother-in-law, because in fact, two people's personality, are rigid, but they are not the same. For example, Taurus belongs to the kind of words that will listen to you, but she still does what she wants to do. The Libra mother-in-law, she is that kind of casual, but you must pretend to respect her, the problem is today In fact, if Libra's mother-in-law says that you should take good care of him, as long as you pacify his mouth, it doesn't matter if you don't care. But Taurus' daughter-in-law just doesn't love it, and she will feel that her mother-in-law is very wordy.

Gemini's daughter-in-law

If you encounter the sun, Venus falls on the Capricorn mother-in-law, not to say that Capricorn is difficult to get along with, but Capricorn's face is more smelly, because Capricorn is more end dressing, and then has that kind of boudoir temperament, but Gemini girls are more stingy, wild children, go their own way, sometimes riding on the head of others, are still unaware.

Cancer's daughter-in-law

You should be very careful to meet the Aries mother-in-law. In fact, the Aries mother-in-law is not easy to please, because in fact, cancer's daughter-in-law is very good at pleasing the elders, asking for help, cooking soup for you, or buying small gifts to please you. However, Aries is very practical, so she will refuse the kindness of her daughter-in-law It will still hurt the daughter-in-law's heart, let cancer do not know what to do, and Aries live in their own world, very hope you don't disturb her, Aries mother-in-law, will hope you don't quarrel with him, so pay attention to it in the future.

Leo's daughter-in-law

Be careful if the sun Venus falls on the Sagittarius mother-in-law, in fact, between the Leo daughter-in-law and the Sagittarius' mother-in-law, the Sagittarius' mother-in-law wants a clever daughter-in-law. The more personality the Sagittarius is, the better. However, Leo has a lot of personality, and the Sagittarius mother-in-law is not used to it.

Virgo's daughter-in-law

The mother-in-law who is most afraid of meeting the sun and Venus falling in Scorpio. Virgo is the kind of daughter-in-law who will hold a good job. She will work very hard. She will feel that getting married to her husband's family is to work hard and bear no grudges. However, Scorpio looks more serious, and it is the appearance of the mother-in-law. At the beginning, the atmosphere has made Virgo very nervous, but Scorpio Scorpio's mother-in-law, she likes to have the atmosphere of daughter-in-law, she saw that daughter-in-law's submissive appearance, or very nervous, everything obedient, she can't see the eye, if you can talk to her, she still feel a little better, so on the contrary will let the daughter-in-law do nothing wrong.

Libra's daughter-in-law

If the sun and Venus fall to Virgo's mother-in-law, it is really a thing to conquer one thing, this daughter-in-law will boil into a mother-in-law, she will do East and West, Libra will not refuse, but in fact she is very bitter, Libra hope that there are servants to help her do all the things, and she belongs to the kind of can sit do not stand, can lie do not sit, so even When she is a daughter-in-law, she will act coquettish with her husband and ask her husband to help her. The mother-in-law who meets Virgo will be very happy. She must ask her daughter-in-law to do things in a strange way and let her daughter-in-law feel a lot of pressure.

Scorpio's daughter-in-law

It's better not to meet the mother-in-law of the sun and Venus falling on cancer, because cancer's mother-in-law, everything is mainly son-in-law, Scorpio must be with cancer's mother-in-law, the position is opposite, because the daughter-in-law can't tell her mother-in-law how his son is, because cancer will feel that his son will not be wrong, will be very partial to his son, so it must be the daughter-in-law's fault, get along is not asked Because cancer's mother-in-law will be very polite, but if the son has a problem, the cancer's mother will take out private money to let him settle, but Scorpio's wife will think, this son is your favorite, do you want to continue to pet him?

Sagittarius' daughter-in-law

The mother-in-law of Pisces is afraid of meeting the sun and Venus falling in Pisces. The mother-in-law of Pisces is capable, smart, beautiful and young. It is difficult for ordinary people to be perfect. However, a girl in Pisces will be perfect. When she becomes a mother-in-law, she may look younger than her daughter-in-law. The Sagittarius daughter-in-law should be careful. In fact, the mother-in-law of Pisces is full of strength However, for Sagittarius, it becomes a little daughter-in-law. Sagittarius is a sign of a very small daughter-in-law. When she meets such a strong and powerful mother-in-law, she will become a little daughter-in-law. Moreover, the Sagittarius girl has a strong self-esteem, and she wants to do everything, but putting a mother-in-law here is always difficult to surpass, which is a very big mental pressure.

Capricorn's daughter-in-law

Be careful to meet the sun and Venus falling on the Leo's mother-in-law. In fact, the Leo's mother-in-law is the queen of Amazon, and the woman is supreme. Of course, she will have a mother's demeanor. Then she will feel that our family has our rules, and black ones should be white, and then Leo It's the kind of person who will tell her rules, especially at the stage when she just adapted to her family life. She will stare at you every day, but as long as you give it to her mother-in-law, it will be much better.

Daughter in law of Aquarius

You should pay attention to the sun and Venus falling on the Gemini mother-in-law, because in fact, Aquarius girls really want to come to your home to be a daughter-in-law, and then the Gemini mother-in-law talks, true or false, can not be guessed, but Aquarius will be very serious, Gemini mother-in-law will think that I speak casually, how can you remember, so the daughter-in-law of Aquarius will feel that they are serving a madman Son, in fact, to get along with a Gemini mother-in-law is to relax naturally. The more relaxed you are, the more meaningless it is. If you are too serious, you will feel that you have met a madman.

Pisces' daughter-in-law

The natural enemy is the mother-in-law of the sun and Venus falling into Taurus, which is a bit like the relationship between men and women. Even though Pisces has the ability to change, it is difficult to stop the Confucians and Confucians of Taurus. Taurus is directly pointing to the center of the problem. You have said a lot of reasons, which is useless. This is like an immovable stone. Pisces will feel terrible and see through Tao can't be used.