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How to conquer 12 constellation men

White goat man

In love, Aries man's concept is simple and single-minded, and he doesn't like complex love. He has a very traditional view of marriage and love, even male chauvinism, and is not easy to be changed by others.

Sometimes Aries man's impulse is really irritating and funny, but they will know the pain only after they have fallen. So if you wrestle early and learn to be good, don't stop him. Over time, Aries man will naturally find that what you said is team, before that, don't waste your breath.

Aries man has a childish temper. When he gets mad, no one can stop him. However, it's OK to let them play. If they don't let them vent their energy, they will get restless. Praise more Aries men will make them more confident in themselves, and gradually learn to show themselves more mature. Aries is born with children's dreams, so when they move forward to their dreams, they will be as committed as children and will not consider too many practical aspects. At this time, all you need to do is to step on the brake for the dream that is too wild, so that Aries will not be too far away from the reality.

What Aries wants to do, ten bulls may not be able to hold him. Besides, before you know it, he has been impulsive, so don't stop him. The aggressive Aries man can't stand the stimulation most. Rational suggestions may be effective, and the opposition will only make him more unconvinced.

Taurus man

Taurus also has a wayward side, sometimes willful up completely can not see that they should have been docile herbivores. It's useless to say anything at this time, but it's still the most useful way to communicate well. It's not too tough.

Taurus is extremely stubborn and focused when they are involved. It is very difficult to expect them to change their goals and blueprints. We must communicate with Taurus well and find common points that both of them agree with. In this way, it will be easier to achieve win-win results and less quarrel!

Taurus is stubborn, so it is more important to understand him than to persuade him. In fact, Taurus is easy to understand because they are not complicated. Just try to tolerate and understand them.

Although Taurus' stubbornness is obvious to all, they can still be moved by their feelings, which is better than debate. So if you have any unhappiness, you must tell the cow well. Don't be stuffy in your heart. In this way, they will not only listen to it, but also take it seriously.

Gemini man

Gemini man has a childlike personality. He is naturally playful and playful. If you find that he is too close to others, you don't have to make a fuss. The Gemini man is just playing and has no other meaning. Don't take the Gemini man too tightly, but Gemini will go for freedom regardless of everything.

Gemini man is a little boy in essence, and his habit of playing is almost like never growing up. Therefore, once children insist on what they want to play, even if they are opposed, they will not give up. It is better to let the Gemini boys go, so it is easier to know what they are busy with.

Gemini man is a person who doesn't like to be nagged and controlled, so don't waste your saliva. You'd better let them play. If you have enough, you'll come back. Anyway, Gemini man doesn't have the courage to make trouble. It's better to turn a blind eye!

It's not news that Gemini men are easily distracted. However, when there is not enough time in the morning, their evasive mentality can really make people spit blood three liters. Sometimes Gemini's whimsical ideas don't need to be paid attention to. When time comes, they will naturally return to their posts.

Cancer man

Love is very important in cancer's heart. If you want cancer to choose between love and bread, most will choose love. Although Cancer man sometimes gentle and considerate, and sometimes appear indifferent, but as long as he is a cancer man, he must have a gentle and sensitive heart. It's Cancer man's instinct to protect himself. He seldom let you know him too much at once, but as long as the other party gives him enough sense of security, Cancer man will open his heart.

Cancer man is actually very emotional, and is not very rational constellation, although they usually look very gentle, but actually eat soft rather than hard. Using hard tactics will arouse the crab's sense of insecurity, become more stubborn, more difficult to compromise, or soft appeal is easier to succeed.

Cancer's emotional is very difficult to control, and once the crab is excited, it can be high for three days and three nights, because cancer is a sign affected by emotion, so if you encounter cancer, you may as well cold treatment, after that mood, everything will be OK.

Once a cancer man gets lazy, he can't wait. Find some ways to make them excited. For example, food, such as watching the electronic products exhibition, may make cancer man suddenly interested. If you happen to have common interests, it's really better.

Lion Man

Lion man has inviolable pride and dignity. He seems to be a man full of charm, but in his heart is a child who will never grow up.

The lion man is really frightening when he loses his temper. The natural dignity of the lion king makes everyone feel cold. Fortunately, the lion man is always a sign of eating soft rather than hard. Quickly act coquettish, had better shed two more tears, see the tears on the dizzy lion man will immediately surrender.

Lion Man's self-esteem is very strong, a careless will make the Dragon angry! So when we get along with the lion, we can't say anything. We should first see if we can hurt the male lion's' glass heart ', and then consider the words, which is easier to communicate with and not easy to step on a mine.

When the lion man is confident, it is really man who will burst his watch, and this is the most charming state of them. Of course, the lion man should not pour cold water on them in such a confident period. Otherwise, the lion man will become angry when he loses face. If you have any questions, please communicate with him in private.

Virgin man

Virgo men like to analyze things, including feelings. They will not be the type of people who fall in love at first sight. Most of them have a chance to succeed after a long pursuit. When love comes to marriage, their choice is rational and pragmatic. Virgo men will not choose a person they don't like to torture themselves for a lifetime, but they will choose the most valuable one from the people they like and enter a new stage of life with her.

Virgo men are just like professional researchers in their own interest research, so don't disturb them when they are happy. Otherwise, you can suffer from the complaints and nagging in the future. It's better to participate in his hobbies, and the feelings will certainly go thousands of miles in a day.

Virgo man has a set of ideas, not easy to be convinced by others, like to adhere to their own way of life, there is a willful side. In fact, Virgo men seem very rational, because they have sentimental factors, creating some atmosphere is easy to move him Oh!

Virgo men will be very serious to do what they want to do, and stubbornly feel that they must be right, this time, even if anyone refutes it is useless, need to wait until Virgo hit a wall, deep reflection, listen to your words, before they let them!

Libra man

Libra man has a kind of inborn demeanor. Even if he is not handsome, he mostly has a gentle and elegant temperament. Many idols and powerful male stars are Libras. Libra man likes all good things. Crowding, clutter and pressure will destroy his inner sense of balance, which they don't like.

Libra men are narcissistic, so they seldom change their ideas for others. What they care about is freedom. If you restrict the freedom of Libra man, you can make sure that he will run away. So don't worry about too many Libras and master the general direction, so as not to worry too much about it and get rid of it.

Libra is really a lazy sign. If you can live a leisurely life, Libra man must be very happy. When Libra is lazy, you don't need to pay much attention to them, because after a period of time, Libra man will naturally find some things to do, and they will not really be lazy all the time in pursuit of a balanced life.

In fact, Libra knows how to make a lot of good fortune, and the blessing of making good fortune to them is that they often get twice the result with half the effort. However, Libra is too lazy at ordinary times and may not be able to cope with it when they are busy. It will be helpful to remind them to make plans in advance.

Scorpio man

Scorpio has a set of ideas, sometimes it seems difficult to communicate, difficult to settle, but the energetic Scorpio is very charming, support Scorpio want to do, give them spiritual help, enough to make Scorpio man moved, and full of courage to sprint forward.

Scorpio man's stubbornness is sometimes very heinous, but fortunately male scorpion has his own ability to deal with the aftermath. So if Scorpio wants to be stubborn, let them be stubborn. After all, fighting with Scorpio will require extraordinary mental and physical strength. It is wise to save these strength.

In fact, Scorpio is not so complicated, so let them pretend to be mysterious. As long as you are flexible and intelligent, you can usually handle Scorpio man, because this unpredictable temperament will attract Scorpio's curiosity and make them naturally pay attention to you and be attracted by your every move.

Scorpio man's willpower is actually the top of the twelve constellations, so changing scorpion's decision is an impossible task for Hollywood blockbusters. Moreover, Scorpio, who has always been mysterious, often deliberately makes suspense. It is better to find out his tricks before further communication can be achieved.

Pisces man

Pisces men for love, relatively lack of initiative, they need a capable life partner to guide his words and deeds. In addition, Pisces man can't stand loneliness, instinctively attracted and influenced by the group, everything around him will be branded in his mind, which also affects their thoughts on love.

Sometimes Pisces man is really stubborn and unreasonable. If you want to change them, you'd better let Pisces man think and try by himself. One day he will come up with the idea. Because Pisces is a very emotional sign, when they don't want to, even if you have no reason, it's not worth saving energy.

Pisces man is a bit unreasonable and easy to be seduced. It's hard to refuse other people's compliments. Because they are naturally hesitant and kind-hearted, the best way is to let him know your friends and let them check for you. It will be easier to find problems.

Pisces is totally emotional and has nothing to do with careful thinking. Like venting, the whole person is obstinate and frightening. Don't go against Pisces at this time. It's better to support them gently and avoid Pisces men being more impulsive.