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Why do twelve constellation girls get married

The purpose of everyone's love may be to taste the sweetness of love, but the purpose of every girl's marriage is not necessarily. Some people want to find dependence, some people want to get happiness, some people want life integrity. The same is true for girls with 12 constellations. Everyone thinks differently. What is the purpose of their marriage?

1、 Aries

Purpose of marriage: to challenge yourself

Aries girls are born not afraid of hardship and fatigue, but getting married is a big challenge for them. Aries girls will not choose not to marry because they are afraid of the future. On the contrary, a large number of Aries women think that only through the challenge of marriage can they really be considered brave.

2、 Taurus

Purpose of marriage: living together

Taurus, who love life and food, want to find the beauty of life together with others and share the happiness of life with others. If Capricorn girls marry because of the need of life, maybe Taurus just marry because they want to live with others.

3、 Gemini

Purpose of marriage: get a sense of security

Gemini, has always been a lot of friends. If you don't marry, you can probably have a lot of friends. But the security of a friend is not the same as that of a lover. The purpose of Gemini women's marriage is to find a sense of security, not lonely, someone to care for, someone to accompany, happiness together, fight together, together to permanent.

4、 Cancer

Purpose of marriage: to build a family

Cancer girls, have a family can not give up feelings. Before she got married, her parents and family were most important to her. But anyway, she still wants to have her own small family. Get married, get married, build a new family, and you can repose your ideal.

5、 Leo

Purpose of marriage: to get married

If you have a family and a business, you can't leave either. The lion woman is domineering and domineering. She will not be willing to surrender herself. But I'm afraid they will think it's stupid for them to get married purely for love. The so-called family and business, first marry, then start a business, even if the business fails, there are also people to support, very good.

6、 Virgo

Purpose of marriage: to make life more perfect

Virgo women, is also the pursuit of perfection. If a person, she may also be able to work hard to earn money, play around, life is very good, very natural, but this kind of life is not perfect in her mind. To find the one you love and marry him can make your life more perfect, isn't it good?

7、 Libra

Purpose of marriage: explain to your family

Fair, responsible Libra beauties, marry, not to let each other support themselves, because they know that only themselves can support themselves. But the family is irreplaceable to them, even if their hearts have how big, will eventually give the family a decent account