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Exclusive Taurus love story

Taurus is a true earth sign, but it's a perfect match for cancer. One water and one soil, mixed together, can be mixed with mud. The characters of these two constellations are really a group of good old people. They make money with kindness.

As expected, Taurus is also a famous fortune keeping constellation. Taurus's diligence and workaholic estimate that only Capricorn among the constellations can match. It's just that Taurus is a kind of miser. His efforts are to make his family and loved ones live better. But the devil exhausts is cold to keep money, his effort is only to let oneself lead better. If he is willing to treat you better, it's mostly because you can bring him more benefits and joy

I was once guided by the constellation speed match, looking for a Taurus BF. And cancer with Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces. Pisces are too sentimental and weak, Scorpio is too calm and mysterious. The Taurus is solid and rich in gold, which is more difficult to be single-minded. Although it's a bit dull, it also saves me from trying to please. Besides, most women have a little material vanity.

But I've only met a Taurus of the same age. More specifically, it's my little brother. He's four months younger than me, but he's enough to be a chasm.

I will only compare my older people to be coquettish, even if it is only one day older than me; compared with my younger ones, I will always be a scolding face of a feudal defender, even if it is only one day younger than me.

He is not a typical Taurus, even a little glib. He is very sincere and persistent to me. But also often hurt me, every time I read the article, he said: sister, why are you so sarcastic? I'll fly right away. Every time I look at his small paper, I frown and say: 'are you illiterate. 'he shouted:' Taurus is not good at rhetoric. 'then I wrote it for him personally, at the cost of a can of chocolate and Swiss sugar, which was very warm and colorful in an iron box. Taurus is so realistic, with a very realistic way to you.

So we have been fighting like this. In June, we were fighting with the king of fighting and enjoying the air conditioning in the laboratory. At that time, I walked bravely in the front, and he jokingly gave me a water glass in the back bag.

I said how can you be a Taurus? You are such a spendthrift. You should be a Gemini. He looked at me wrongfully, like a little pet. Through the shade of the tree the sun wrote the helplessness of youth on his face. I suddenly want to caress his cheek lovingly, raising my hand but still only staying on his hair.

Later, he graduated. He left school before me. He didn't take the postgraduate entrance examination and didn't stay in school. He went far away. Before leaving, he came to see me with a big handful of lilies. He remembered all my hobbies. When I met him, he had already "bought" my acquaintances and made clear his inquiries. Taurus people always have plans and strategies.

Because before, one night he asked me why I didn't accept him. I smiled: 'because you're younger than me,' he jumped up: 'I'm going to change my ID card. I'm older than you. 'I shook my head:' it's no use, because I thought of you as my younger brother at the beginning. 'he kept saying sadly:' I want to change my ID card..... 'then I saw his shoulders twitching. I can't bear to see his tears. At his age, lovelorn is the biggest setback. I need to let him grow up. I thought he would kiss me, but he didn't. So we are pure.

Later, we didn't meet again. He found a high school flower to be his girlfriend. Every time I fight, I will call and say: 'sister, I still have you in my heart. 'I laughed so much that I hurt my stomach and told him:' you just like the feeling of secretly falling in love with someone. 'I don't want to believe that a man will be affected by the shadow of the past. I'm afraid of guilt.

He doesn't want to see me. I dare not see him. I'm afraid that he will feel something when he looks at a sister who has been changed by the world. I selfishly hope to keep my perfect image in his heart and let him chew it over and over again on some sleepless nights.

Suddenly I think of Mrs. Li, who was not willing to see Emperor Hanwu when she was seriously ill, for fear that she would lose her beautiful face in his heart. When I was a child, I admired this woman's wisdom and lucidity. I thought that such a scheming woman must be a Scorpio.