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The best woman to coax

Scorpio: Scorpio girls are very easy to coax. They just look fierce or have fierce mouths. For example, they will tell their friends that I won't forgive him. But after she has finished, as long as the other half coax her, her heart will soften immediately, but Scorpio will lose ground. How can she forgive each other so cheaply, So Scorpio will design a way to punish each other, such as asking the other half to invite him to dinner or buy her a gift, so that she can have face. So when Scorpio opens up to punish you, it means peaceful clearance, but I believe you can afford that price, because they will not ask too much.

The second place: Leo is also very good to coax. In fact, sometimes when something funny happens, she will forget why she was so angry. What's more, Leo will forget why she was so angry just now. She just bears that face smelly, because there are no steps to go down, so you just have to laugh at Leo at this time. But Leo care about things you still need to improve, because she has a lot of friends, face problems, so you must make her very face, for example, in addition to coax her, but also in front of others to her, Leo will feel OK.

Pisces is really good at coax, she is just hard mouth, Pisces is really the other half of the main, is very painful to each other, pain to the degree of doting, so even if she is angry, that is only her way to complain, so you just need to be sweet and coax her more, even if you say some ridiculous sweet words, it doesn't matter, she will soon be angry, Back to the life where everything is still you.