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The constellation men's ranking still remains the same in the coming of tribulation

First place: Capricorn

Although Capricorn people are very pragmatic, once they identify a person, they will be very specific, and will take care of each other as their own responsibility, whether it is the other party's misfortune or in the face of difficulties and disasters, they will think that it is their bounden duty to take care of each other and share with each other. Because of this strong sense of responsibility, when the other party is in need of help or facing difficulties, the more they can not part with each other.

Second place: Leo

When facing difficulties, the tragic color of Leo heroism comes out. They will feel that they should bear all these things. Even if they don't love you or have plans to leave you, they will only raise them after the difficulties have passed. They will feel that this is their 'heroic destiny'. If they don't save you at this time, what will you do? Therefore, at the critical moment, the lions will stick to each other because of their sense of mission.

Third place: Pisces

Pisces is a pure romanticist. They are not afraid of disasters and difficulties, but their passion for romantic love stories will dilute their fear of disaster. Romance will squeeze out the position of fear in their minds. In their hearts, there is no room for other emotions, so the harder they love, the more motivated they are to love Deep.

Fourth place: Scorpio

It is estimated that people who know the signs all over the world know how extreme Scorpio can be when they love someone. Scorpio can hate people to the bone marrow when they hate someone, and they also love deep into the bone marrow when they love someone. Of course, the premise is that they really love you, and "love when you die" is the most accurate expression of their love. Some people say that being loved by Scorpio is dangerous, because the love they want is too pure, but being loved by Scorpio is also happy, because they can tell you what is dry sea and rotten stone.

Fifth place: Aquarius

Many people say that Aquarius is flowery. Yes, from the emotional point of view, it is very difficult to focus on a person for a long time. It is not because they are sentimental, but because of their inner reason that they are not interested in pure emotional things like love. However, Aquarius is a sign that pays great attention to humanitarianism and good deeds, if you have ever had a certain degree of love He can't do this kind of thing. Maybe he didn't love you enough, but it's possible that he loved you more than before because of the disaster.