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Scorpio's character analysis

With the excellent performance of "startling step by step", Wu Qilong stepped into the "third spring" of his life and career, and his popularity index soared. People can't help asking what made Wu Qilong shine in his performance of Emperor Yongzheng?

In 2011, Wu Qilong became popular throughout the country for his successful performance of "step by step". His four brother-in-law, who is handsome, cold-blooded and tender, keeps the female audience's heart firmly in front of the TV. If you don't watch it for a moment, you can't put it down. From the perspective of astrology and numerology, it is closely related to Wu Qilong's life experience and personality characteristics.

Family seems to be Wu Qilong's unspeakable injury. At the beginning of his career, he paid tens of millions of debts for his father. His high-intensity work and the pressure from his family made him hard to bear for a time. He was so tired that he was almost schizophrenic. However, the days of debt repayment did not end until many years later.

Scorpio man can stand up to any tough test, the torrent of desire will help them to remove all obstacles on their way forward. Absolute consciousness and strong desire stir up in Scorpio's heart, and often lead them to a melancholy world full of passion. Wuqilong Scorpio, the sun, the moon, mercury, Venus, Jupiter all fall into Scorpio, can be said to be a thorough scorpion.

As the saying goes, "people who care about love are often hurt by their feelings." Scorpio is persistent and dedicated to feelings. Wu Qilong said, "feelings need time to get along with each other. I don't think anyone who is beautiful will have a good feeling for others. I need time to understand to have feelings. This is a bit similar to & lsquo; fourth Master & quo. 'now he says that he doesn't want to talk about the past, but his feelings will follow suit. After experiencing the feelings of failure, he will go to get to know a person well before making plans. To some extent, Wu Qilong has the same emotional experience as the fourth master. In August 2009, his ex-wife Ma Yashu's marriage came to an end, and Wu Qilong wept three times at a birthday party that year.

For feelings, Scorpio man is generally a person who loves and hates deeply and is not willing to let others see through easily. He often conceals the harm in his heart, such as Wu Qilong and the role connotation of the fourth master. Scorpio man is good at grasping women's weakness and touching their feelings. In love always in a dominant position, in Scorpio's view, as long as the purpose is good, you can be reckless.

I remember such a scene: Ruoxi pleaded with Kangxi for thirteen and was punished to kneel in the rain for one day and one night. Four elder brother went to see her, threw the umbrella on the ground, and held her together. After returning to his bedroom, in order to accompany Ruoxi in the rain, the fourth elder brother stood in the rain for a whole night outside his bedroom & hellip; & hellip; it is said that this play makes a lot of girls see very little & hellip; & hellip; although there is no words in the play, Wu Qilong uses real interpretation to express his complicated emotion and psychology, which has conquered the hearts of countless audiences.

But Wu Qilong's reinterpretation of the fourth master also tells us that Rome wasn't built in a day, and the last cruelty was forced out. Only when scorpions get rid of their own nature can they be liberated from the shackles of their inner self torture, radiate great spiritual strength and become unimaginable creativity. Because of Scorpio's perseverance, they will succeed where others fail.

In his blog post entitled "Yongzheng, I know you, I am you", Wu Qilong expressed his unique understanding of the role of "four elder brothers": a cruel and cruel monarch in other people's hearts, a meticulous, deep and restrained emperor, who will really understand his lonely heart