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What kind of complaining woman does a constellation woman become after marriage

When you got married happily, you gave the rest of your life to the person who was right around you when you wanted to get married. You thought you had chosen the right object, and you would be happy all your life. You thought you could sing with Meimei and her husband if you had the right personality... Unfortunately, the sweetness index was also lower than the level one day, and the initial tolerance period was gone, In the past, the man who looked so pleasing to the eye also became dazzling, so the complaining women of the twelve constellations were born with glory! After marriage, in which way do you "have a bright future"?

No.1 Gemini Gemini is the first complaining woman who has the most words about married life. What can't eat with her husband at the dinner table, feel cold and uncomfortable with her mother-in-law, take the financial power by themselves, and it's troublesome, and her husband's control is too limited... This is just a topic that can be easily complained about. Gemini should say it by himself, There are many dark corners in married life! This is because Gemini girls like to explore too many things. Even if her husband has made several girlfriends before, she has to study whether she still cares about someone after marriage. If she catches something unclear, she has to talk about it a hundred times, and take it as a negative teaching material to deny her original decision. While complaining with her friends, she often talks about ending her married life.

No.2 the reason why Virgo can't occupy the first place is that they still have self-control. Compared with their two children who don't pay much attention to covering up their emotions, they "complain" belong to "complain", but they will give themselves some face and choose topics to talk to others. After marriage, virgins belong to a controlling daughter-in-law, wife and mother. Capable women have self assertive arrangements for their families up and down, inside and outside. Therefore, the focus of their resentment is that their families don't listen to her command, their families make decisions for her without her consent (for example, buying something for her without her consent), don't cooperate with the pace of life arranged by her, etc, Of course, occasionally they complain about the increasingly difficult society because of the pressure of daily life and the practical problems of educating children.

No.3 Aquarius Aquarius doesn't often complain. Relatively speaking, Aquarius women have a positive attitude towards marriage life, but they still have a complete set of pessimism in their heart. The harder they work, the easier they feel that living is a hard thing. Married Aquarius women actually pay more for their business life than their mouth. They complain that they are mostly related to "no one supports what they want to do" and "they can't be consistent with their husband's life struggle". Of course, daily necessities, rice, oil and salt are important. The terrible thing is that they completely lose their spiritual pursuit in plain life. Once they encounter situations such as giving up personal development and future life, Aquarius woman's complaining spirit broke out completely! It is worth mentioning that Aquarius women can enter the top three, in large part because they "complain" very poisonous tongue.

No.4 cancer women with the title of good wife and mother become complaining women because they take great care of housework. Every responsible housewife knows how difficult it is to manage a family well. In addition to carrying the family plan after marriage, she has to take care of both parents, cultivate and support family members and the next generation! Cancer women force themselves to do everything after marriage. It is an important play to talk about the impact of their family's living habits and lifestyle on herself and her housework. They are worried that their family will be hurt and feel that their will can protect their family. If their family doesn't act according to her will and don't want to be strong, they will become very sad!

No.5 Pisces Pisces woman has high feelings for life. Although she can withstand trivial things after marriage, she will lose her husband's turn into an uninteresting uncle! Because this not only declares the end of Pisces woman's romantic career, but also becomes the source of Pisces woman's greatest frustration. It is possible to collect broccoli on her wedding anniversary and Valentine's day, even if shopping in the supermarket becomes the biggest pastime in life in the future