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What's the motivation for you to change from an ugly duckling to a swan

If you are an art teacher, when your students draw rainbows with one less color, which color do you intuitively draw less?

1. Green

2. Blue

3. Red

4. Purple

5. Yellow or orange

Test answer:

1. Choose green friends

You are an ugly duckling by nature. Only by reading more books can you become beautiful. This type of person is more peaceful in personality, and also very comfortable in the present, so they don't pay much attention to appearance and don't deliberately show their style in front of everyone.

2. Choose friends in blue

You will be beautiful because of your friend's conscience advice. This type of person has a sunny personality and is willing to accept friends' suggestions and make healthy changes in appearance, so the friends they make are very important.

3. Choose a friend in red

As soon as you are ridiculed by others, you will become angry and beautiful. This type of person loves face and has a strong self-confidence, so only the method of shock reduction can be used for him!

4. Choose purple friends

You will become beautiful in order to maintain a perfect image in front of your lover. This type of person has a narcissistic tendency. He wants to feel the attention of the opposite sex, and he also wants his lover to hold him in the palm of his hand.

5. Choose friends in yellow or orange

When you have money, you start to make trouble. You can become an artificial beauty by shaping your bones. This type of person is curious about the baby. If he doesn't have money, he won't pay special attention to his appearance, but once he has some free money, he will feel that the whole type is as interesting as buying a famous brand bag.