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New test questions to see your IQ

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Green sat around a round table at the same intervals. No man sat next to his wife; but every woman had a man on either side.

The names of the three men and their wives (not in proper order) are Tom, Dick, Harry, Nancy, Joan and Mary. Men's occupations (and not in the corresponding order) are architects, politicians and machinists.

Dick and Mr. Smith often play bridge with the architect's wife and Mrs. Green.

The mechanic, an only child, sat on Mary's left.

The politician's seat is closer to Nancy's than to Mrs. Brown's.

Harry, the architect's inner brother, sits to the right of his only sister. Architects have no sisters.

Please infer the occupations of each of the three men, the names of each of the three couples and their position at the round table.