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Before job hopping, let's see what you are suitable for

It's the peak season of resigning and changing jobs again. Are you one of them? Don't rush to resign first. Experts remind that frequent job hopping is not good for your career

Frequent job hopping is the performance of no career planning. If any post is learning, it is basically difficult to have a future. Generally speaking, frequent job hopping has the following disadvantages:

1. We need to pay more for job hopping to a new environment. It takes a lot of effort and time to leave a familiar environment and integrate into a new one.

2. The cultivation of vocational skills needs consistency. If the field changes suddenly, the accumulation of personal resources and the cultivation of their own ability will be greatly reduced.

3. It is more difficult for people who change jobs frequently to find a job, because employers think that you will change jobs again soon.

4. After many job hopping experiences, I will unconsciously form a habit: I want to change my job when my work is not going well, I want to change my job when my interpersonal relationship is tense, I want to change my job when I want to earn more money, and I even want to change my job without any reason. It seems that all problems can be solved by job hopping. Never lack the courage and determination to overcome difficulties.

So, don't be busy with job hopping. The most important thing is to find out what you are suitable for. Let's do a small test together. From your choice, you can see what kind of job you are suitable for. It can be used as a small reference when judging whether it is necessary to change jobs. Just a little reference Oh, the key still depends on your usual analysis of their ability. When you are traveling, you get lost in the wild mountains. It's getting late. You find that there is only a small room nearby, so you have to lodge with the host. But the old couple told you that all four rooms in the house were haunted. Which room would you choose if you had to stay?

A. There is a head staring at your sleeping room from the window;

B. A room where the sound of opening and closing doors and sighs of women come from the toilet;

C. As soon as you go to bed, you begin to shake the room where you are not allowed to sleep;

D. Wake up in the middle of the night to see a headless ghost sitting in the bedside room.

Option A:

You are more suitable for SOHO people, or doctors, lawyers and other professions. This type of work mostly has its own exclusive space, has a certain source of income, and is relatively fixed, not easy to be affected by the outside world. If someone stares at you from the window, it also means that they are dissatisfied with you and look at you strangely; if they are outside the window, it means that they are not easy to affect you. So, for example, teachers don't even give you a bad job. Others, such as the fat and lack of civil servants, can also be classified here.

Option B:

What you prefer is a stable job, especially the office work such as the company's director (employee) that doesn't need to show up outside. The sound of opening and closing the toilet door and the sigh of a woman means that you will be under pressure from the superior or scolded by the supervisor. In comparison, you would rather stay in the office all day to blow the air-conditioner than go out to endure the wind and sun. Other technicians or engineers in high-tech industries, network engineers or accountants in enterprises also belong to this category.

Select C:

You are more suitable for business work. Your personality is more active. You can't sit in the office all day or even get sick. You also don't like to be constrained. Therefore, your career tends to work that you can often walk outside, such as insurance, direct selling and so on. When the bed starts to shake and doesn't let you sleep, it means that when you do business, the acne often happens when you visit customers. Other drivers like big boss or delivery and receiving personnel can be classified into this category.

Option D:

You are fit to work close to the masses. For example, TV stars, legislators and other work that needs the support of the masses are all good examples. The headless ghost sitting by the bed means that this person is inseparable from you, but you can't see who he is. Just as baseball stars accumulate fans and depend on them to eat, they can't know who is who. Others, such as company PR, convenience store staff or bank service staff, can also be classified into this category.